Best Measures on Removing Ticks Safely from Dogs

Your dog is the on-the-go type who loves outdoors and spending quality time with you. One day, while you are sitting back in a cosy chair reading a book, you notice your dear little one scratching insanely, as if hes trying to achieve triumph over a terrible fight. When you approach to check what seems to be the problem, you saw familiar faces of enemies TICKS.

Ticks serve as vehicles of dangerous pathogens that can affect both the pet and its owner. Furthermore, ticks are sometimes not readily seen because of their ability to attach firmly to a dogs body. However, if manifestations of malaise, hyperthermia (fever), paralysis, grave itchiness, and skin inflammations are observed, every pet owner should immediately examine and do something on how to remove a tick from a dog.

Employing proper ways and practices on how to remove a tick head from a dog makes everything easier and less threatening for the dog and its owner. In addition, following concrete procedures minimizes the risk of dogs being irritated, missing the ticks death, and spreading pathogenic infections.

If youre a dog owner and has no idea how to actually do something about your pets condition, heres a concise guide on how to remove a tick from a dog safely that every dog owner can use, should the need arises:

STEP 1: In implementing measures as to how to remove a tick from a dog, every pet owner should prepare everything needed before proceeding to the actual deed of removing ticks. Mainly, the tools and materials that are held indispensable throughout the activity include:

  • Fine-tipped tweezers or any tick-removing tool
  • Pair of hand gloves (to be worn ALL THROUGHOUT)
  • Small tick reservoir filled with rubbing alcohol
  • Antiseptic solution/antibiotic ointment for dogs

STEP 2: Every pet owner should remain agile, yet calm, from the beginning until the end of the entire process. When making efforts pertaining on how to remove a tick from a dog, it would be very useful to seek assistance from a fellow family member or another person to hold the dog in firm position. This would minimize sudden movements that may jeopardize the success of the undertaking.

STEP 3: While wearing a pair of gloves, grab the tick on a part where its mouth comes into contact with the dogs skin, instead of its body. Apparently, this is the best way on how to remove a tick from a dog. In doing this, make sure to maintain a firm grasp of the organism while avoiding any sudden jerks or twists in movement. This is the reason why, in efforts on how to remove a tick from a dog, it would also help to have another person to hold the dog in one position. Then, pull the tick in a steady and outward manner until its entire mouth completely separates from the dogs skin. But remember not to put anything more (petroleum substance, alcohol, or small fire) on the site so as not to promote further deposition of ticks on dogs and their infected saliva.

STEP 4: After completing all crucial steps, make sure to kill the extracted tick by placing it in a container filled with alcohol, putting it in extremely cold temperatures by freezing it, or burning it.

STEP 5: As a pet owner finishes all preceding methods on how to remove a tick from a dog, it would further help his dog if application of antibiotic ointment or antiseptic solution to the bite area will be done. And since the healing process may take up to seven days to complete, it is also very important to keep the affected area clean and moisture-free during such period.

Learning how to remove a tick from a dog is one skill every pet owner should learn and master. Ticks are not only harmful for dogs; they can be detrimental for the pet owner as well. Since humans are mammals themselves, there is a possibility that tick infestation may be projected to them if tick removal efforts wont be done properly and successfully.

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