Biting Mites

Biting Mites are a number of different types of tiny bugs that bite humans. They often cause an itchy welt or rash. Many different types of mites can infest a home but not all species bite. The most common biting mites are the rodent mites, bird mites, harvest mites and itch mites. The dust mites infest nearly half of all homes but they do not bite humans. People can develop an allergic reaction to their secretions though.

Biting Mites are about the size of a period at the end of a sentence. It is because of their small size that people are not aware of an infestation until they begin to feel the biting sensations or see tiny raised welts at the site where the biting mites insert their fangs. Although their bites can be itchy and painful, most biting mites do not transmit diseases. Biting mites are tiny and microscopic. Infested person will feel a crawling, stinging and biting sensations.

Some of the most common Biting Mites are as follows

Rodent Mites

Rodent mites live on mice and rats. When the mice or rats die or leave their nest behind, the mites will migrate into homes to find new host and that is when they find you, they can bite humans. Some of the species of rodent mites are the tropical rat mites, the house mouse mites and the spiny rat mites. The tropical rat mite bites are the most painful and itchy of this three kind of mites. They can leave itchy welts and irritation of the skin.

Bird Mites

Bird Mites from nests of birds, chicken and fowls can infest and spread to humans who come into contact with them. Pet birds can also become infested with bird mites. Their bites are usually small and itchy which can last for a week or so.

Harvest Mites

Harvest Mites are also known as chiggers mites. It is when the mites are in the larval stage that they will bite humans. These harvest mites are most common during the summer months. They attach to humans when they walk through grasses or other vegetation. Harvest mites cling to skin and can feed on you for four days.

Itch Mites

Itch Mites are sometimes known as grain itch mites. There are a number of species that feed primarily on insects but when they are attached to humans, they can bite too. Their bite produces a very itchy rash.

Scabies Mites

Scabies Mites burrows and lay eggs into human skin. Scabies mites bite cause an allergic reaction. Their bites are very itchy and sore. Scabies Mites are contagious and can spread from one person to another by personal contact, handshakes, sharing of clothing, beddings and from carpets. These mites can cause you sleepless nights as they tend to itch most during the night. If someone is infested with scabies mites, the infested person and the family members need to seek treatment in order to get rid of the mites. The home and surroundings need to be carefully cleaned out and treated to get rid of these scabies mites.

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