Have your own vegetable garden

When planning your garden, you may be tempted to just pick up whatever it is you see when you go to buy seeds. Don’t do that. It is best to plan ahead and know what family will eat. You can plant a hundred cucumber plants, but can you reasonably eat all of them or are they going to go to waste? Keep in mind that kids normally don’t like to eat vegetables. Plan out what you think you will eat and then what you can store or can. The problem with some things is that they are only good fresh and otherwise they go to waste. Potatoes can be stored as is, but not forever. Tomatoes can be canned, but not everyone will eat those. Think very carefully before you buy your seeds as they don’t last forever, you could store them in air tight containers though. But normally seeds have an expiration date on the package, so it is best to use them before that date for best results.

Also remember that you have to have a good spot to plant your garden. Planning a garden means finding good soil on your property that is going to be conducive to growth of big, healthy vegetables. You are going to have to find a spot and work the soil. You have to remove rocks, aerate the soil, and the make sure you have room for what you want to do. This includes getting things like hoes, rakes, and anything else you may need to get the soil ready to go. Don’t just pick a spot in the sun. Pick a spot that works the best.

Next, in planning your garden, think about the extras. This means things that may work to keep weeds down, like hay, and what you may need to keep wild animals out of your garden. Some people can go out each and every day to weed and do not worry about it too much. On the other hand, some people need weed control but do not want to use chemicals. Find natural ways to keep weeds in check if you are short on time so that your new garden is as healthy as possible.

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