How To Kill Fruit Flies

People are always looking for ways to kill fruit flies because to be honest fruit flies are a nuisance that everyone has to deal with. No one really knows where they come from or how they end up in our houses but once they get there fruit flies seem to multiple at a really fast pace. You’re probably here because you’re looking for a way to kill fruit flies outside of the traditional newspaper swatting method.

They are three main ways to kill fruit flies; you can kill fruit flies naturally, with chemicals and you can also get rid of fruit flies by using a trap.

How To Kill Fruit Flies Naturally

Using a mixture of oil, lemon grass and water

Mix about 8 drops of lemon grass oil with a liter of water. Pour the solution into any spray bottle you have handy. To begin getting rid of fruit flies simply spray the solution on them and they’ll die instantly. You can also spray the liquid in and around their breeding grounds to more breeding.

Killing Fruit Flies with Vinegar

Vinegar works quite well to kill fruit flies in the house. Mix a good amount of vinegar with a water-down soap solution and put it in a jar. Fruit flies are attracted to the smell of this mixture so they’ll begin to fly into the jar. Once they are in the jar the soap water gets them stuck and drops them to the bottom. The drowning will kill fruit flies once they hit the bottom.

The Oil and Ammonia method

This works really well to kill fruit flies around the drain or sink area in the kitchen. The Ammonia works to eliminate all particles in the drain including fruit flies or anything that attracts them. Pouring vegetable oil around the drain coats the flies in oil which stops them from breeding or flying away for that matter.

Use a bottle/jar to trap to get rid of fruit flies

This is not a really good way to get rid of fruit flies but it works for some folks. Simply place a ripe piece of fruit in the jar and it will slowly attract fruit flies over time. Once you’re satisfied with the amount of flies in the jar, shut it and let them out somewhere far from your home. This way you don’t have to kill fruit flies if you don’t want to.

Kill Fruit Flies Using Chemicals

The Fly Paper

This method is considered one of the oldest ways to kill fruit flies. The substance that the paper is made of is very sticky so the fruit flies get stuck when they come in contact with the paper.


Different kinds of sprays have popped up in the market for killing fruit flies. The chemical substances in these sprays kill the fruit flies instantly on contact. The downside to using this method to kill fruit flies is the fact that the chemicals could also be hazardous to house pets and young kids.

The Bug Zapper

This product is designed to kill fruit flies using light and electric current. The fruit flies are attracted to the tube light in the device center. What kills fruit flies is the net mesh that zaps them with electric current before they can land on the light.

Using Traps to kill fruit flies

All the above methods work as good fruit fly control and elimination methods. However, the best way to kill fruit flies is by using a trap. Using a trap to kill fruit flies helps you avoid having to deal with all the headache and messiness associated with some other methods.

There are different traps out that claim to work great for killing fruit flies. I tried them all and wasn’t really impressed with any of them. I was about to give up on traps until I found one that worked like nothing else I’d ever tried before.

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