My Solution to Kill Fruit Flies

If you’re looking for the best way to kill fruit flies then I’m really glad that you came across this site and I strongly suggest that you keep reading. This is a no bullshit personal story about how I was finally able to kill fruit flies in my house and how to get rid of fly once and for all.

My beginning battle to kill fruit flies

My struggle to kill fruit flies began back in Liberia where I was born. A big mango tree in our back yard was the main reason why I had to start learning at an early age how to get rid of the fruit flies. It produced more fruit than we could consume so the over ripe ones would fall to the ground and slowly rot. As you may or may not know ripe fruits are the best breeding ground of fruit flies.

When my family and I moved to the United States a few years I thought we wouldn’t have to deal with fruit flies anymore but I was dead wrong. Just one little overripe fruit slip-up on the counter and fruit flies will appear out of nowhere.

They were embarrassing. It was hard to invite guest over because of fruit flies in the house. The guests might be forced to kill fruit flies with you. I remember that feeling when I walked into the house and a fruit fly is the first thing that greeted me. One of them flew into my mouth one day and that was when I’d had enough. I had to find a quick and effective way to kill fruit flies.

The methods I used to kill fruit flies

I learned of multiple ways to kill fruit flies outside of the original newspaper swat method. These included some natural solutions and some chemical ones. None of them seemed to get rid of fruit flies completely and I had to keep applying them over and over to see results.

I got tired of those so I moved onto regular fruit fly traps but got the same bad results there too. I was finally about to give up on trying to kill fruit flies when I luckily stumbled across a fruit fly manual online that worked wonders for me.

Why this trap worked to kill fruit flies

One of the first things I learned about how to kill fruit flies from the manual was the fact that I had to know their source to eliminate the problem completely. In the past I had only been using temporary solutions when it came to killing fruit flies. No wonder why I had to keep doing the same things over and over.

This fruit fly trap worked to teach me how to get rid of fruit flies naturally, but what separated it from the other natural methods was the fact that I only had to set it up once. It didn’t use any chemicals to kill fruit flies which was good because we have a few young kids in the house who didn’t need to be exposed to those harmful substances

Unlike the fruit fly traps I had used in the past to kill fruit flies it’s instructions were very easy to set up. It took about 25 minutes of my time to have it completely set up and once it was finished it immediately went to work. Within 4 hours all the fruit flies that were visible were in the catcher.

Over the next few days it continued to catch fruit flies with no extra work on my part. All I had to do was sit back and watch. This was such a relief because before getting it I was afraid of another failed solution. There are many ways out there to kill fruit flies but for my friends and family but I wouldn’t recommend anything else when it comes to killing fruit flies.

I am excited about finding a reliable way to kill fruit flies in my house so I just wanted to spread the word and hopefully help others in the process.

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