Using Vermicomposting Worms to Prepare Compost for your Home Garden With

If you went to a friend’s house and if they casually showed you around the kitchen and pointed out the place where they had about 5000 worms making vermicompost out of their discarded food, what would you say about them? That they’d taken natural gardening a step too far? You probably wouldn’t think that about vermicomposting worms if you knew how they worked.

Come to think of it, when you use vermicomposting worms for your composting activities, you actually make your composting a lot less disgusting than it would be if you did it the regular way. For me composting doesn’t smell. And if you overlook how there are worms by the thousand sworking on your composting, it isn’t gross either.

Here’s a funny little statistic that could get you to pay attention to why for me, vermicomposting worms are a good idea. Americans throw out a full quarter of all the food they buy. A full eighth of all our garbage happens to be food.

When you throw easily degraded stuff like food away, it quickly deteriorates to the stage where it begins to produce methane – a greenhouse gas that’s 20 times as potent as carbon dioxide. No one usually tells you this, but throwing any kind of food away is terrible for global warming.

What does this have to do with the vermicomposting worms, you ask? Well, it very quickly breaks food down and eats it up. Your food doesn’t get a chance to rot and turn into methane.

Certainly, the idea of growing thousands of worms and feeding them right in your home may be a bit creepy. But you don’t have to actually lay eyes on any of them.If you do it correctly, you could even do your vermicomposting right indoors. There is simply no stink at all – no more than there would be if your dog ate a meal. It’s just worms going to work eating there food, is all.

Vermicomposting worms are easy to care for. All you need do is to pick out a nice worm bin (isn’t that a nice thing to put on your shopping list), and put the pieces together, or you could just buy something like the Can-O-Worms system that is a full the vermicomposting kit that includes everything you need.

The basic rule with vermicomposting is that you never put any animal products in there, no oil him and no garden waste. We can’t do is put paper products, coffee grounds, and all kinds of vegetables crops.

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