What Kinds of Natural Insecticide Are On The Market?

There are many natural insecticides that you can stir up in your own home. You can get their ingredients without much trouble. There are other natural insecticides whose ingredients are harder to come by. These are sold to those who wish to buy them.

One natural insecticide sold that is very popular for many uses is Diatomaceous Earth. This is a fine, dry dust that kills household insects by dehydrating them. It is composed of the skeletal remains of plankton. The active ingredient is actually salt water. It is safe, and is allowed by the EPA. Rotenone is a natural insecticide that comes from the roots of the derris plant. It is not only toxic to insects but also to fish. So, you will want to protect your fish. The vegetables are not harmed and are safe to eat.

Insects are killed when they come in contact with this natural insecticide. If not, they will die when it reaches their stomachs and poisons them. It takes it awhile to work, but then it needs to be applied weekly to get the best effect.

Nicotine is sold as a natural insecticide. It is used on plants nearing the end of their growing cycle. It is harmful to mammals, so care should be taken when applying it. Pyrethrum is sold as a natural insecticide which paralyzes insects. The only trouble is, the paralysis often wears off and the insects come back. For this reason, it is more often sold in combination with a poison like synergist. This finishes the job the pyrethrum started.

Sabadillia, another natural insecticide on the market, comes from the seeds of a lily-like plant. The natural insecticide effect is from stomach poison. It isn’t extremely dangerous to mammals, although it can cause respiratory problems and eye irritation. It is safe to use it on plants just before they are harvested.

The natural insecticide that is sold the most in the world is a bacterium known as bt, or Bacillus thuringiensis. Bt is widely used and has a good record of eliminating insect infestations in crops around the world.

Many commercial versions of neem tree derivatives are sold as a natural insecticide. The neem tree was originally found in India and Pakistan. Now, people have planted it around the world for its natural insecticide qualities.

Over one hundred different insects fall prey to the neem preparations. They kill by inhibiting metamorphosis, reproduction, and digestion. They also repel insects. There is a good market for neem products in greenhouses and for ornamental plants. Natural insecticide sprays are sold in many varieties. Citrus sprays are popular. Sprays made of lemon peel solutions are sold by some manufacturers. Others use orange peel. There are also sprays based on peppers and other plants.

If you want to purchase a natural insecticide, there are many to choose from. Prices are usually not prohibitive and availability is good. You can control pests and keep from destroying beneficial insects. This is an advantage of using natural insecticide.

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